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Completed Tri-Powers

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1960 Pontiac Super Duty
   Full Vacuum Linkage.
These Carburetors are a matched set that have been completely rebuilt and are period correct to this manifold.

*We offer a manual linkage setup for this manifold. Additional charges may apply*
        1958 Pontiac 371cid
   Date Code J297 (11-29-1957)
                                                                                                                 These are the original
Carburetors that came on the
manifold with the original carb
tags. The manifold comes with the Carburetors,
New Fuel lines, and Linkage.

   We accept:
​1958-1960 Chevrolet 348/409cid
  Factory stock tri power system
 Period correct rebuilt carburetors
with water neck and new oil fill tube
new linkage and new fuel fuel lines
   Comes with three air cleaners
Large factory air cleaner assembly
available. Call for add on price           
  factory build code date 269 
1957-1958 Oldsmobile J-2 Power
These are period correct small base
Carburetors. Completely rebuilt to factory specs.Three New Air Cleaners.Comes with a very rare and hard to find water neck. New fuel lines and new linkage. Manifold is painted to factory color
Interested in getting your three two's, or carburetors rebuilt? Looking for some small parts to complete your Tri-Power?
Do you have a Tri-Power for sale or Tri-Power parts? We BUY as well as SELL. Give us a call at +1(571) 221-2095


Tri-Power Manifolds


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