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  Welcome to the Moon Dog Motors web site. MDM buys , sells and rebuilds 1957 thru 1966 General Motors Tri Powers . We soak the manifolds in a de carbon solution to remove internal carbon. We rebuild our carburetors with Ethanol resistant kits. WE recondition as much of the small parts as we can and we replace what can't be reused . This process takes ,on the average, five to six weeks to produce a complete rebuild Tri Power intake system. There are a lot of rebuilt tri powers out there , but none better than ours.
  We will offer a fair price on any complete tri power, any bare  GM 
tri power intake manifold or any small tri power parts. We will rebuilt your your complete tri power or rebuilt your carburetors.
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Moon Dog Transportation now offers secure enclosed Classic Car,Hot Rod or Exotic Car transportation. We are bonded and insured. We required your car is insured. We also require a weeks notice to arrange the trip. We can also offer Open trailer transport as well as drive away delivery or pickup. Give us a call for pricing